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  This is ace!  Most *normal* people pay a few quid a month to have their website hosted on a server buried underground in a bunker in Stockholm or somewhere.  I got to thinking about this - they are having a larf!  Money for old rope...  Surely, I could make my own server?  How difficult could it be.....

  Well.....  I have to confess that my brother is a bit of a whizz at IT stuff - in fact he does it for a living. In fact he's got his very own server at home hosting his company website.  Morceau de gateau surely.  Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a 'newb' when it comes to electronic stuff but with his help even I could do it?  He kindly donated an old PC and a set of 'idiotproof' instructions....


  •  Take an 8 year old PC and set it up for the Linux operating system.

  •   Install Ubuntu

  •   Install Apache2

  •   Get close to slashing your wrists when you find out that Virgin do not offer static IP addresses

  •   You discover and are then able to breathe a huge sigh of relief

  •   Spend 3 days smashing the house up because you can't do this stupid effing geeky C programming thing

  •   Have a Eureka Moment and miraculously suss how to set up Virtual Hosting on the server

  •   Store not one but THREE websites on one server at the same IP address

  •   Gloat and giggle to yourself frequently when friends moan about how much their web hosting is costing them.  Haw haw haw.....

  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!  It's the most satisfying thing I've done for ages, especially since all this sort of stuff was alien to me just a week or so ago.  I especially liked the Apache programming bit - it took me right back to the early 80's when it'd take me 3 days of programming in BASIC to get a dot to move across the screen on my old Atari 800 computer.  Aha, I knew those endless unwashed days in my pyjamas would stand me in good stead one day!

  Ok, this is how Mission Control now looks:



  Okay, okay, I've yet to sort all the cables out but this is it.  The black PC is our home PC running Win 7 64bit.  The dodgy looking one on the left is the old banger set up as a server.  Normally it's turned sideways and hidden behind the wooden shelf thingy in the foreground.  Oh, and don't forget the purely medicinal pint of Diamond White by the keyboard....




  This is the cable modem and internal Netgear router.  This is connected to the 'outside'.  One connection goes to the new server, one goes to......





   ....a second Netgear wifi router.  This is connected to our home network, including a cabled connection to a second PC upstairs.  Yes, yes, it IS an old bus stop sign but I found it in the shed when I lived in Thetford, honest.






And a totally random pic of the doggies making a weird T shape.  Dunno what that's all about.



  So, this is all coming to you via a DIY box under the stairs.  Isn't technology wonderful?  And thank God for little brothers.....


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