Build your own time trial disc wheel...


  I made one of these years ago when I was a poor Ecology student, in fact I used to make lots of go faster bits because I could barely afford new tyres let alone anything flash!

  The idea comes from spending most of my childhood building RC models, or rather rebuilding them after Iíd smashed them up.

  I still rather begrudge spending £1000ís on kit, Iím not sure itís really worth it.  Okay, if I was missing out on National podiums by a few seconds Iíd think about it but at my level Ė nah.  Iíve got a nice set of retro Spinergy wheels but the rear one flexes like mad and creaks and makes cracking noises and I donít really trust it.




  Anyway, the starting point is an old 700c wheel with two broken spokes that I found in the shed.  Six quid later, itís fixed and running true.





Next cut out a couple of bits of thin ply to fit around the hubs.






Then you need to build a cut out that will allow you to reach the valve of the inner tube.




  Right, the fun bit!  Take a bit of Solartex big enough to cover the wheel.  Cut a hole in the middle and stick the Solartex to it.



  Then, cut the sheet just big enough to fold over the lip of the rim and stick it in place inside with a hot iron.


  Finally, with a hot air gun (carefully) shrink the Solartex until it is drum tight.  Then do the same to the other side of the wheel.




  Tada!  Super slippery disc wheel that looks like a carbon one (at a distance) but without the huge weight penalty.  Only drawback is that you canít now use the rear brakes but, hey. 




NB Solartex can be found at any model shop




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